Saturday, June 27, 2009


What Would Jesus Buy?

Christians are supposed to use our money--really God's money--in ways that glorify God. We are entrusted to manage God's resources just as a business manager is entrusted to manage the resources of the business owner. A business manager is expected to use resources just as the owner would if the owner were making those immediate decisions. In fact, executives of publicly-traded business are required by law to seek the best interest of the stock-holders (owners).

As Christians, we're to spend the resources entrusted to use in the way God would most want us to spend them. But, how do we know what God wants us to do with the resources? Since Jesus is our model for daily living, would it make sense to consider him a model for daily spending? And if so, would that mean one way to understand how to spend money or use resources would be to ask, "What Would Jesus Buy?"

And if that is a good question to ask, how would asking that question change the way we spend money? What do you have that you think Jesus would spend money on? What do you have that you think Jesus wouldn't spend money on?

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