Saturday, February 7, 2009

An attractive young man?

OK, I never thought I'd be writing a post about attractive young men, but a recent sermon series by Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, got me thinking about how young single men should live. According to Driscoll, a single man should be saving to buy a home, saving for the college educations of his future children, etc. Then, when he meets a young single woman who wants to know what he's been doing, he can say, "Well, I've been saving to buy a house and send my future kids to college." That, Driscoll, says, is a great way to woo a woman.

Now, I can't disagree that women would be more interested in the man with a plan than with a man who's spent his single-man's income on trips to Vegas. But, here's my question. Which of these is a better choice for a man to be able to say:

A) "For the last 5 years since graduating college, I've saved $18,000 so I can buy a house when I get married, and I've started a college fund for my future children. While my old college friends have been buying nicer cars and taking ski trips, I've been praying that God will help me find the right woman to spend my life with, and I want to be prepared when God sends her to me."


B) "For the last 5 years since graduating college, I've been giving most of my extra money to missions and Christian charities. I've been able to help a few families with medical expenses, and I'm investing in clean water projects through Blood:Water Mission. Giving means I can't take ski trips with friends, and I don't have a lot saved for my own future, but I trust God to give me what I need."


C) Some combination, or something different altogether. You tell us.


  1. That is really a tough question, and I'm not going to cut down on someone who goes with option A. But I do know that for me - I'd be more impressed with the guy who went with option B. I believe God always provides us with what we need when we need it, especially if we've been helping those He puts into our paths along the way. A big retirement fund is not a priority for me.

    It's kind of interesting now, though - we are planning to go into a situation in Zimbabwe where there is no guarantee we will get any income - we'll have to raise funds on our own. I'm not so worried about basic needs - there are always family and friends to help us out with those if absolutely necessary. But we have several houses that we need to pay mortgages on. And if we sell now, we will lose everything we invested into them so far. So do we sell to lower our monthly financial needs, or do we hang on until the market picks up, trusting God to take care of the mortgages and thus have more money to invest in our orphans?

  2. WWGMD?

    What would George Müller do?

  3. I too feel that I would be attracted more to Man B... but quite honestly, few women will ever have a choice between A & B... so if A came along, and everything was in line, I'd snatch him right up! :)

    MozeEsme - I have no idea what you should do, and I know you are already praying about you, so I won't give you that advice. But I will pray with you because the step of faith you are taking is huge and Satan will be sure to attack you extra hard!

  4. Should I be worried that Jennifer, my wife, said she'd snatch man A right up if he ever came along? I guess it's a good thing she doesn't live in Seattle and attend Mars Hill Church.

    And I, too, wasn't sure how to handle MozeEsme's housing question. So, I thought of George Müller who took care of so many orphans. I wondered, what would he do? And I just thought of Augustine's statement: "Love God and do as you please." Or, as Piper has stated, "safety is an illusion" and "risk is right." But, the risk should be taken for the glory of God.

    The best we can do is pray, consider what the Bible tells us, seek godly advice, use our best discerning judgment, and act on faith.

  5. I meant were I single and otherwise available. As in, never been married!


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