Saturday, January 31, 2009

Have we gone too far?

Can we ever be too cheap in our wartime efforts? Apparently, Jennifer and I go through an inordinate amount of toilet paper--so much so that we need special storage for our back-up (no pun intended) supply. We're sort of like the rich fool who built barns to store his grains, except we're storing toilet paper. Anyway, in an effort to live a wartime lifestyle, Jennifer decided to buy the cheapest tp storage around. So, my question is this: When is it OK to spend a little more on something that is no more functional, but doesn't make you feel like your living in...well, a house that would have something like this?


  1. C'mon now... it was $3 and I bought it from a little old lady at the Downtown Farmer's Market. Charlotte liked it and I did need something to hide the spare toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom. It isn't that bad, isit?

  2. Since God created beauty and all things that are lovely - I think it shows us that it is OK to have beautiful and lovely things around us. What is the purpose of a tiny beautiful flower that lives only a day?

    Sometimes the cheapest thing isn't the best b/c of the quality (going to fall apart), sometimes the cheapest isn't the best b/c it is so painful to look at. Sometimes rather than the cheapest - nothing at all is the best idea.

    Do all things to the glory of God. Can looking at something beautiful cause you to give glory to God?

  3. I do not find my TP holder to be painful to look at. I can't honestly say though, that it causes me to give praise to God. But, it is a TP holder... I can't imagine any TP holder that could do that.

    Several years ago, I found a beautiful Basketville TP holder that I wanted, but couldn't bring myself to spend the $25 for it. And back then, that wasn't really that much money to me. But now, I do wish I had it. That holder was much nicer than our victorian style one. :)


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