Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Does your daughter dress like this?

A long time ago, Jennifer and I agreed that our little daughter was not going to be wearing those shirts that say "hottie," "princess," "wink, wink" or anything else along those lines. Well, I guess we should have included bibs along with shirts.

Jennifer purchased a pack of bibs at Wal-Mart because the pack was significantly more cost-effective than individual bibs. But, the pack came with one bib neither of us really cares for. In such a case, would it violate the wartime lifestyle ethic to throw the less desirable bib away? Would it violate Christian ethics to donate the bib to someone knowing you're giving them something to put on their daughter that you wouldn't put on your daughter?

OK, it's all sort of a moot point in this case, since we clearly use the bib. Charlotte is too young to be affected by its message, and it's not something she wears in public. It's not like she's walking around with "juicy" on her butt, which would be gross on a baby. Still, this picture made me wonder about the principles here. What if some distant relative decides to send her a "I'm too sexy" t-shirt for her 12th birthday? One has to be prepared for these things, right?


  1. I think it would be funny if a baby had "juicy" written on their diaper cover. But, maybe I am a little twisted, or off. I'll let you decide.

  2. you're twisted indeed, and i think it's hilarious! ;) however, i think juicy on anyone else's butt is disgusting, or any writing at all which is obviously printed there to draw attention

  3. Yeah, generally speaking I don't think people should put words on their butt. It is a modesty issue indeed.

  4. I too try not to get clothes for my 9 yr old that draws attention to certain areas of her gets more difficult as she gets older b/c so many of the clothes are like that or are all Hannah Montana this and that. Actually since clothes at the thrift store are a little behind the times sometimes - you can find clothes that are not as immodest or trendy in a bad way. I also avoid stuff like "princess" on clothing or clothes that have sayings that are disrespectful to the family but meant to be funny.

    I dislike the whole idea that a girl should love princess/Disney stuff...I have nothing against Disney but don't like the idea of my dd thinking she's a "princess" waiting for prince charming to swoop down and "fall in love" with her. B/c I think the traditional fairy tale stories are a part of our culture and people will look at someone strange if they didn't know who Cinderella was - and b/c my son was asking some questions about it - I decided to retell a few of the old fairy tales to my kids recently...

  5. Edi - I have said from the beginning that I wasn't going to raise a princess. Fortunately, my family respected that and no one has bought her those bratty "because I am the princess" type shirts. Now, I might let her wear a "daughter of the King" type shirt some day, but only when she knows what it means. :)


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