Friday, January 2, 2009

John Piper describes the wartime lifestyle

Watch John Piper describe the wartime lifestyle in less than 4 minutes.

"We have money to use it in such a way that we show that money is not our god, but God is our God. That's why we have money. Money is given to us to use it in a way to show the world that money is not our treasure, but Christ is our treasure."


  1. Great video. You should have linked to this on Ed's Reconciliation blog.
    God is good

  2. Thanks for posting this thought-provoking video, it has application not only for money but so many areas of life!

  3. I like Piper a lot and I agree with many things he says.

    I do think there is more to "money" than just an opportunity to be salt or as he says it, to prove to people that "money is not our god".

    I think there is Biblical support for the idea that all of our resources, money included, are actually God's resources and we are to be good stewards of HIS resources. Then, when we have been good stewards and have experienced financial blessings, we have the role of blessing others with that money.

    This goes deeper than Piper's statement on the purpose of money in this video. Americans are generally overly concerned about what other people think... this mentality has crept into the church (and seemingly Piper's thinking on this subject). Then again, there might be a broader context that would make this comment more in-line with my understanding of a Biblical view on finances.

  4. Steve,

    I'm not exactly sure in what way you think you're view is different from Piper's. I'm sure Piper would agree that it's all God's and we are stewards. I think Piper was just addressing the issue of why God allows us to be stewards. Why do we have money, in particular?

    God doesn't need us to manage his assets. He doesn't need us to feed his people. So, why does he entrust us with resources? The answer, according to Piper, is to show his glory through our stewardship.

    We don't feed the poor; he feeds everyone. And we show that we believe he feeds everyone, including us, when we choose to give our excess to the poor rather than build larger barns to hold all our excess and ensure our own future supply.

    In addition, you got me thinking about an idea for a future post to this blog. So, stay tuned....

  5. I was primarily responding to his declaration that THE purpose of money was to " show that money is not our god".

    I simply think the purpose of money is much more profound than us "showing" other people anything.

    You are probably right though, I'm probably not getting the whole context of his meaning in this short clip... we probably agree close to 100% on this issue.



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